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Opera Myth will premiere online interactively and worldwide

The web platform "Virtual Opera" has been specially developed to broadcast the Opera-Myth "Ukraine – Terra Incognita" online. It will allow a viewer to manually switch between cameras and screen windows. Shooting with the DynamiCam video system will create the effect of being on opera stage.

On 14 October 2021 the National Premiere of Opera Myth Ukraine Terra Incognita will take place in Lviv Opera House at 19:00-22:00 (Ukrainian time). Event will have the online broadcast.

Opera is dedicated to Ukrainian opera baritone and soldier Wassyl Slipak, the soloist of Paris Opera.

The performance not only combines the ancient Ukrainian songs with modern art but also uses the innovative video recording and broadcasting technology to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the Opera Myth.

Specially for the online premiere worldwide, the Ukrainian developers from the Ukr.Stream-Global Streaming Services have elaborated the program "Virtual Opera". (Earlier the company made streams from Maidan Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014 and produced the Oscar nominated film "Winter on Fire"). The experimental program allows to run a simultaneuos stream from few cameras to various window screens. For the first time, this technology will be used in Ukraine to broadcast a stage action; and the online viewers will be able to choose what to watch and/or listen (stage, orchestra or video art).

Another technical innovation is "DynamiCam” 360-degree video recording system to provide for a viewer an effect of presence inside the action on the stage. The same system was used to produce the innovative movie "1917".

Opera Ambassadors from all over the world will have an exquisite access to interactive viewing. Now we are networking the volunteers who want to promote the project and present the opera in their communities (Ukrainian diaspora, cultural and diplomatic institutions, and especially for soldiers in the frontline zone). Our network has already gathered over 100 ambassadors in 30 countries. The opera premiere will be presented worldwide: in New York, Philadelphia, Michigan, Toronto, Calgary, Panama, Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam, Vilnius, Warsaw, Stockholm, Aarhus, Graz, Tbilisi, Cairo, New Delhi, Jakarta, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Сorsiсa and many other places.

To join the network of Ambassadors and get an exquisite access to “Virtual Opera” please fill out a Google Form. Opera media resources  YouTube and Facebook will offer a free stream of the directed version of «Ukraine – Terra Incognita».

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