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Nataliya Shevchenko: The pathos of pure energies

There are such blessed events when the power lines of many paths, destinies, stories, traditions and times coincide in one place. Let us call it a place of power. It is a great mystery of how many of those Principles and Forces are behind and above this Action. But the feeling signals unmistakably - it is beyond time and space, although it has geographical coordinates on the map and specific implementers. And even the name. Ukraine. The land is unknown. And the paradox of the situation is that this project makes this land explored - not through the mind but in a holistic sense.


At first, as usual you watch with your eyes and listen with your ears. Even the brain prepares to analyse something, prepares, prepares and…. suddenly you fall into an air hole, take a deep breath and freeze… for 2.5 hours… when you are kidnapped by angels and they show a new land… And when you come to your senses you just say out loud into space: it happened! But in order to decipher this happened in detail, it would be necessary to compile a long list of works on modern theater, music, psychology, folklore, history of Ukraine, culturology, anthropology, etc. Because this project, in my opinion, was filigree inlaid in some incredibly large space-time and cultural context - and finally launched powerful forces that have been waiting for their manifestation for many centuries. By human hands and feet. Through the human voice. Thanks to human will and readiness for a certain act. Through the synergy of the arts. Through our pain and our prayer. By our strength and dignity. With our Ukrainian talent. With our love to life, in spite of everything. And for me it's not just about our past and not even the present.

Modern civilization seems to have broken all records with the simultaneity of numerous crises. And is frantically looking for a vaccine against the zombie apocalypse. And offers a mask to a human. Modern culture through this Action offers a Face to a human. And not just the face, but a kind of encyclopaedia of pure feelings! I do not even dare to list them, because it is not their name, but the quality, purity and completeness of transmission through the human body! And how not to mention here the phenomenon of the actor- performer who is building bridges, according to Grotowski. Modern psychologists now say so much about the fact that modern man is not in touch with his feelings that the inner dimension seems to have lost its volume and flowed into the outer digital virtuality. Anthropologists of culture once again talk about a new human. But how to see him, feel him, tune into him in yourself? How often do we see the pure pathos of admiration, sadness, tenderness, courage, joy, confusion, anger, trust and love on the human face? Are we able to experience these feelings openly and graciously? So that this pure energy of love in all its forms, this "soul of fire" would be able to pass through us, not burning, but strengthening our hearts and reviving this land, this unknown ancient and new land. Here and now. Summon in the spirit all our forgotten shadows, all the lost souls, all the heroes and saints, all angels and geniuses. Now. To show how beautiful a human can be, how majestic, awe-inspiring and generous his soul is.

So that we remember this as an inner tuning fork, accepted into the heart, and embody as our new human code. At the heart of this Action and behind its, so to speak, visible forms it lies a continuous spiritual, aristocratic and artistic tradition which can be rather relied on compared to the gravity of earth. What does Ukraine mean to you, sounds in Action? Is it something visible? Or, perhaps, what permeates this land as a powerful energy that you will not capture in any sarcophagus of the word? Only the heart knows how to be a temple for the invisible but no less tangible - the chords of music born of breathing, open sound, absolute hearing for harmony. This is a tradition of the heart and a tradition of transmitting artistic skill, which miraculously has not completely destroyed in Ukraine. Since, how much emotional and artistic work of the authors and performers of the project, what volume of musical, folklore and theatrical context is behind this cathedral work of the Action - should not be overestimated!

I would like to draw your attention to one very accurately captured compositionally, almost magical moment in the fabric of Action. When the vital volume almost touching in artistic feeling and comprehension of the image of our Ukrainian Terra incognita was energetically and aesthetically gained, the words of the Ukrainian historian Valentyn Moroz in his "Hard Melodies" sound: "Our house is an inn where everyone who wants can spit on the floor, and our soul is like our house". And as if the veil is torn and everything becomes so extremely clear, as if it is the final moment when the blind can see and the deaf can hear. And the Transfiguration and Resurrection will be possible for all of us…

P.S. In his diary, Les Kurbas wrote words that are remembered as a mantra: The degree of enlightenment achieved on the ascent will not be lost. It is our property forever (c).