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The Ukrainian Culture Foundation support us

The Young Opera "Ukraine - Terra Incognita" will be created yet this year with the support of the Ukrainian Culture Foundation!

In 2020, our dream will come true! We have cherished and worked on it since the Revolution of Dignity. We want to create an unusual modern art that combines the ancient Ukrainian songs, symphonic music, free jazz, video art and innovative costumes.

We dedicate the opera to the singer and warrior Vasyl Slipak

The idea of the opera matured for few years - from the thought of bringing a traditional Ukrainian song (first of all, a polyphony) to the world opera stage to the rethinking of the layers of ancient songs and finding innovative ways to combine them with modern art.

This year, thanks to hundreds of Ukrainians the project raised a starting amount atthe Big.Idea  and got support from the International Renaissance Foundation. Finally, it will be implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Culture Foundation.


Dedication to Vasyl Slipak

«Ukraine – Terra Incognita» – a story about a Warrior who is able to hold the Iron Heart and protect the House, the Ancestry, and Love. This is a simple plot, but is worth hundreds of operas. This land, Terra Incognita, gave us the Steppe, where each generation could test themselves, find and give a chance to the next…

We dedicate the Opera to the singer and warrior Vasyl Slipak, a man of art who left his world career with a purpose to go and protect his land and provide for the opportunity to create there free. 


Creative process

Due to the quarantine, the project team was forced to refuse the participation of foreign artists, switch to express mode, and reformat the live premieres to video performance. Despite all the obstacles, the Young Opera is already taking shape: singing master classes and rehearsal sessions are taking place in the Carpathians. The creative tandem of director and singer Ulyana Horbachevska and composer Maria Oliynyk are working on the score. The work on video art and costumes with scenery keeps moving on.

For us this is more than the actual production of the opera. It is a retransmission of meanings, thoughts and experiences. It is similar to the state of a person who seeks to sing something very important. First of all, the feeling of being on this earth and personal responsibility between the past and the future generations.

This year, the project will start with a video premiere, and later the Young Opera "Ukraine - Terra Incognita" will present Ukrainian art in the most prestigious halls of the world. In particular, it is very important for us to stage the opera in Paris, where Vasyl Slipak sang and lived for almost 20 years.

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