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We announce a new Ukrainian opera-cosmos

«Ukraine – Terra Incognita» team announces a new Ukrainian opera-cosmos

The opera will be dedicated to the first Ukrainian song which sounded in the open space «I am watching the sky and thinking…»

On 12 August 1962, being on the spaceship, the first Ukrainian astronaut Pavlo Popovych performed this favorite song of Serhiy Koroliov, Ukrainian constructor and the founder of practical austonautics.

"In Ukrainian songs there are thousands of descriptions of sky flight of birds, contemplation of the stars, sun and moon. And perhaps so many Ukrainian geniuses involved in the discovery of space grew out of this romanticism. We want to capture this desire and feeling of the sky vibration in the next opera, ”said Uliana Horbachevska, the author of idea.

Uliana Horbachevska conceived the idea of ​​the Opera-Cosmos "Sky-1" while simultaneously  working on the Opera-Myth "Ukraine - Terra Incognita".